Here at St John Southworth Primary School, our aim is to provide a curriculum that is stimulating, broad, balanced, innovative and creative which is ‘Together in the Family of God.’

As a Catholic school, Jesus Christ is at the heart of everything we teach and learn. Whilst developing children’s basic skills in English and Maths is extremely important, we also realise the importance of teaching a varied and interesting and engaging curriculum.


In Religion we follow the “Come and See” scheme of work which follows the requirements of the Religious Education Curriculum Directory (R.E.C.D) set out by the Bishops of England and Wales. Within the scheme there are opportunities for the children to plan and deliver a form of class worship.

There are three main questions which the curriculum encourages the children to reflect on; Where do I come from ? Who am I ? Why am I here? Religious Education permeates the whole life of the school an dis visible in every subject and everything we do here at SJS. The whole school will always be exploring the same theme but on different levels and topics depending on age and ability.  Progression is evident.  The children will first ‘Explore’ the topic relating it to real life initially. Then they will come to the heart of the process where they will reveal the Christian understanding and mystery of God as expressed in person and within the Gospel Values.  The children will then respond to their new knowledge by coming together and celebrating as a class, individual or as a whole school.  The children will also learn about other faiths throughout the year in our ‘Multi Faith ‘ week.


We also have a thriving Growing In Faith Together G.I.F.T  Chaplaincy Team who lead us in liturgies, assemblies at key times during the year such as Advent and Lent to develop the spiritual life of our school. They also deliver workshops for younger children such as praying the Rosary, prayer mornings and reading stories about the lives of saints.   A Caritas team has recently been appointed to highlight the social justice aspect of Catholic teaching and will be looking at fundraising opportunities to help those on the margins of society as we have been called to do by Pope Francis.



We assess impact throughout our new Assessment Scheme which offers a ‘ best fit’ initiative over a two year assessment cycle. Our Masses and community/parish links are something to be celebrated! Our children, staff and community place Christ at the centre of everything they do. We have a wonderful school who all work together in the family of God.

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