Physical Education and School Sport at Saint John Southworth RC Primary School

Here at Saint John Southworth we are proud to be a school that embraces Physical Activity, Sport and Physical Education. 

We cover all areas of the curriculum teaching games, athletics, swimming, dance and gymnastics. We have a Forest School that  supports our outdoor and adventurous activities.

Physical Literacy, being a competent mover, is a whole school priority and each child is assessed throughout the school. Pupils are taught throughout Key stage 1 and Key stage 2 the fundamental skills of locomotion, object control and stability.

Each pupil participates in 2 hours Physical Education per week, and we encourage children to participate in additional hours, by utilising our out of school hours opportunities.

We host a range of inclusive and bespoke extra curricular clubs, which are suitable for students with a range of needs. Our 'Golden Time' activities cover a wide range of sporting activities including leadership,orienteering, badminton, athletics, cricket, rounders, dance, gymnastics and Tri Golf.

We also encourage pupils to be active in their leisure time, with with their families, through our links with Pendle Leisure trust. We additionally have links to local sports clubs, which we signpost gifted, talented and interested pupils to. 

Our school competes at many interschool competitions and including football (A and B team),orienteering,  running, sports hall athletics, netball, new age kurling, tri golf, tag rugby and rounders. 

We are overjoyed to gain the Primary School P.E and School Sport funding and will be utilising this boost in funds, to breakdown barriers to participation, increase opportunities for all, including those with sensory and physical impairments, and we intend to  use it to boost the number of children attaining  the 25m unaided swim by the end of Year 6.

With the funding we have enhanced provision by working in partnership with Pendle Leisure Trust and through the funding of a School Sports Coordinator who will raise standards and increase competitive opportunities. One area we will be developing is intra school house competition.

As a whole school we nurture a love of physical activity, an understanding of the benefits of exercise and foster the understanding that exercise is paramount to health. We ensure that upon leaving, SJS children are equipped to pursue their chosen sports with confidence.