Phonics at Saint John Southworth RC Primary School


St John Southworth RC  Primary School uses a reading scheme called Read Write Inc.

Read Write Inc. teaches synthetic phonics in a structured exciting way. Children will start the scheme when they join the school in Reception and will work through the scheme until they can read confidently with good understanding. The scheme also supports children’s writing, giving them the tools to spell and compose.

What is synthetic phonics?

When your child is learning to read there are two crucial things to learn:
– the sounds represented by written letters
– how to blend the sounds together to make words.

Synthetic Phonics is a way of teaching reading.

Children are taught to read letters or groups of letters by saying the sound(s) they represent – so, they are taught that the letter l sounds like llllll when we say it. Children can then start to read words by blending (synthesising) the sounds together to make a word.

At school, you will probably hear teachers talking about blending, but you might also hear them refer to sounding out. All these terms focus on the same point – synthesising sounds.

Say the sounds

There are 26 letters of the alphabet but they make 44 sounds.

There are lots of videos that parents can watch to help with the teaching of reading at home.

Please go to:

Ruth Miskin Reading Resources