I am able. Corinthians 9:8


Welcome to our Year 2 class. Miss Smith is the class teacher and Mrs Broughton is the Teaching Assistant.

We aim to create a fun, challenging classroom environment that allows children to shine and excel. Children are encouraged to become resilient, independent learners who develop a passion for their education.


This term we will look at new beginnings and family. This is a sensitive theme. The experience of ‘family’ in society today is varied, with many joys and sorrows.  Whatever the experience, family still remains the first place for growth and development, the basic social unit.

What does the word ‘family’ mean to you?

What people do you associate with ‘family’?

What joys and sorrows do you remember of family life?

Father, creator of all,

you ‘ordered the earth’ to bring forth life
and crowned its goodness by

creating family life.

Teach us the beauty of human love,
show us the value of family life

and help us to live in peace
with everyone.


Reading is an essential area of your child’s learning which can improve all areas of the curriculum. We aim to develop the children into becoming confident and independent readers. We encourage the children to read every night. Books will be changed once a week and we ask that you sign their reading record and a member of the teaching staff in Year 2 will also do this. We encourage parents and guardians to ask the children lots of questions about the book they are reading to develop their comprehension skills. Please send your child's book in on Mondays. 

Spellings and times table

Spellings will be given out on a Friday with the children being tested on them the following Friday. We encourage lots of practice at home and the children will be given opportunities to practice within school time. Each week, the children will be challenged with a times table quiz. Currently, we are focusing on our 2 times table and we encourage children to practice at home. Your child also has a log in to TT Rockstars to complete online challenges encouraging their multiplication and division skills. 

Today we had a visit from olympic athlete Jenny Medows. We have a fantastic afternoon completing her challenges.