Curriculum Intent Statement


Curriculum Intent

At St John Southworth, we have a knowledge-rich curriculum, that is aspirational and ambitious; it provides enriching experiences to develop and foster a love of learning for all our children. 


Our curriculum is cyclical allowing knowledge and skills to be embedded by linking our learning throughout the Key Stages. This will prepare our children for the ever-changing world that they will grow into.


It is a curriculum designed by all our team with our pupils in mind, to meet their needs and build on their interests. Our curriculum is as diverse as our community and promotes true equality for pupils.


Our aims are:

    • Increase learners’ motivation, enthusiasm and engagement in their learning, making learning more meaningful, through putting it into context
    • Link learning to the real world and know how this impacts us in our life
    • Help learners become more independent and provide opportunities to apply knowledge and learning in a variety of ways
    • To reinforce, revisit prior learning and build on it
    • Provide enrichment opportunities
    • Develop social skills and encourage children to become more active citizens within the school community and beyond