GIFT - Growing in Faith Together
Key Aims
  • To support the school in emphasising its spirituality and Catholicity as set out in the school’s    mission statement;
  • To support and encourage the school’s pastoral care for the whole school, pupils, staff and parents;
  • To promote, plan and organise the celebration of liturgies and co-operate with others in developing the school as a Christian community;
  • To assist in developing an awareness amongst potential school leavers about the provisions of chaplaincy at institutions of higher and further education.

This year SJS has a dedicated Gift team who have a vital role to play in enhancing the Religious Life of our school.   Our Gift team are easily identified in school by their lanyards.

As members of The GIFT Team, we have a very important job to spread the Word of God throughout our school and the school community. It is our mission to interpret scripture so that children can better understand stories from the Bible and relate them to their own lives.

The Gift team have a very high profile in school. You may see us around school leading prayer and worship, which takes place at lunch time in our prayer room, leading the prayers in our own classrooms, helping deliver whole school liturgy and collective worship, welcoming visitors and new pupils to our school and organising liturgical events.

We work hard to promote our Catholic faith in school.


Our GIFT team 2023/2024