Welcome to Year 1 

Hello Year 1!


Important information:


Book bags need to come on a Monday and will be returned on a Tuesday. 


PE is on a Tuesday. Weather permitting we will be outside. Please send your child in their PE kit (joggers and outdoor shoes).


Key things to help your child at home

1) Letter formation. Make sure your child can form all the letters so they are ready to write. 

2) Reading. Please read for 15 min at least 4x a week. 

3) Counting to 50 and recognising numbers to 50. 


Mrs Harris, Mrs Taylor and Miss Hussain


Summer 1 topic overview

Investigating Spring 15/4/2021

Holy Week

We have been really busy learning about and celebrating Holy week in Year 1 this week. We have enjoyed role playing, being artistic and making some delicious Easter nests. 


We are so happy to have all our children back! It has been lovely to see them all. Here are a few snap shots of our first days back together. 

Happy Christmas from Year 1!

8/12/20 Superhero day. Watch our video of us retelling the story of Supertato and look at our pictures of all the fun things we did!

1/12/20 - Today Year 1 began our journey into Advent. We made advent wreath crowns 

Phonics in Year 1

Please find below our phonics mats with handwriting chants and rhymes. Also attached are our red words. These don't sound out and are taught as sight words. 



Super-tato fun! We have had a great time using our key text Super-tato. We are helping defeat the Evil Pea and save the veggies in distress. 

Year 1 Maths and Art in Autumn 1

We went on an Autumn hunt in Forest school!

Here are some photos of us in our few first weeks of Year 1!

Year 1 Autumn 2 Curriculum Overview

RE Curriculum





Religious Education

1. God's Great Plan

2. Mary Mother of God

 1. Families and Celebrations

2. Following Jesus

1. Resurrection: Jesus is Alive

2. Miracles


Year 1 staff and pupils have all been very occupied with our class philosophy of 'Getting Busy and Getting Better'. Staff and pupils work together and make every minute count by seizing all opportunities to learn and improve.

Attendance target : As is the case throughout school, Year 1 know that every school day counts. Year 1 staff are supporting all pupils and parents as we quest for persistent high attendance. .

On going information:

Religious Education - pupils follow the  Catholic Truth Society's - come and see - curriculum. We spend some time everyday partaking in Religious Education.

Mathematics - pupils follow the Lancashire County Council - Mathematics team - Plans for the National Curriculum 2014. Children work in small groups at a challenge level suited to their needs.

English - pupils continue to follow the RWInc phonics program and are taught the Key Learning for Reading and Writing. and Speaking Standard English. All areas of the curriculum support learning in English. Staff constantly plan activities that directly or indirectly develop speaking, listening, reading, writing and spelling skills. Pupils undertake the 'Big Write' on a regular basis. This is a piece of extended writing that the children write independently. After much support through varied preparation activities.  

Reading books - Each child undertakes a small group Guided Read with the class teacher every week. Reading books are sent home on a weekly basis along with a reading journal. We expect parents to share in their child's learning by writing in the reading journal.

Creative Curriculum - Activities change on a regular basis and will always compliment the current topic and learning foci.  They support the learning of objectives related to Art and Design, Design Technology, Geography, History and Music.  These activities are usually undertaken in Continuous Provision. Pupils learn through a combination of peer supported activities, adult guided activities and independent activities.  Activities to support learning in English, Maths, Computing and Science are also provided during Continuous Provision time.

Physical Education - Physical Education is a whole school priority with fundamental skills of locomotion, object control and balance being skills taught throughout Year 1. Coordination and control is developed as are other transferable skills that are fundamental to engagement in P.E and Sport throughout life.