Art at St John Southworth


Progression of skills and knowledge document


Jemma Stuttard is our curriculum lead for Art and Design

Our Intent for Art and Design

At SJS we believe that art lessons should give children the opportunity to develop their creativity and imagination. In lessons, children not only develop their art skills but also have opportunity to express themselves and develop their art skills, using a range of materials.  We aim for children to develop an appreciation of some of the great artists. We intend for children to be motivated and enthused by our choice of Art and Design activities and we will measure this by use of pupil voice and book samples.

Our Implementation for Art and Design

Throughout their time at our school, children develop their artistic skills in six key areas: -

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Collage
  • 3D form
  • Print and
  • Textiles.

Details of the topics covered in each group can be found on the art long-term plan. Children also have many opportunities to apply their art skills in many other curriculum areas.

Children progress their own key skills in drawing, painting and sculpture as they move through the Key Stages, exploring the use of colour, shape and texture in art. Children have the opportunity to learn about and discuss the work of other known artists.

Children use sketchbooks throughout their time at school. This allows them to develop skills of experimenting with different ideas and techniques; evaluating their work, with the opportunity to revisit their ideas.

Our children’s artwork is celebrated throughout the school, with displays and photographs.

Our Impact for Art and Design

Our Art and Design curriculum will have impacted children’s skills and understanding in line with the National Curriculum. The findings from our pupil voice and book looks will ensure the impact of our teaching and learning in Art and Design allows children to be enthused develop their key skills and support creativity and expression.