Welcome to Year Five



Below is the knowledge organiser for our next topic - Ancient Greece. This contains key vocabulary that will be used. This document will be referred to both in school and for homework activities.

Click here for our Ancient Greece Knowledge Organiser.



This week we had an Ancient Greece themed day where we began to make our Grecian Urns whilst watching Hercules and then had a drama workshop with Initiate Theatre. The workshops included learning about Greek Gods and Goddesses, the Ancient Olympic games, Greek legends and the Battle of Marathon. It was lovely to see all of the children working well in teams to produce some super pieces of drama.


Today we received a letter from Reception class asking if we would go and tell them all about our caterpillars. We welcomed them into our classroom and told them all about the journey that they have been on so far. Reception already knew lots about them and they even sung us a song to help us to remember the stage of their life cycle. As well as this we got to go down to their classroom and look at their chicks and tadpoles. We spent lots of time reading with them and listening to them tell us all about their life cycle knowledge. We had such an amazing time and said that they could come back when our caterpillars have transformed into beautiful caterpillars. We hope that this will happen in the next week!

Year Five had an amazing time at the East Lancashire Railway in Bury for their evacuee experience. This allowed the children to handle real life artefacts and further explore the topic. They also got the chance to use their learning to answer lots of questions throughout the day. They loved asking lots of questions about the war and the effect that it had on children. The highlight of the day was having a ride on a steam train! Below are some pictures as a snapshot of what they got up to! 


Our Science unit for this Half Term focuses upon life cycles. We are starting this by looking at the parts of flowering plants and their functions. Alongside this, our classroom caterpillars are beginning to grow and we are observing some fantastic changes. Here are a few photos of our learning so far this Half Term! 

Year Five produced some super Blitz artwork this week. They have worked so hard on this topic and we are very proud of all of their amazing outcomes. Above, you can see the work in progress and the finished display in our cloakroom!

During Spring Term Two our topic will focus around the events of World War Two; especially the impact that it had on children like us who lived in Nelson. Above are some pictures showing the high standard of projects that we have worked really hard on! Watch this space for more updates about how we are getting on!


We have really enjoyed our space topic and loved sharing all that we have learnt in an amazing assembly during science week. We also received a visit from a real life astronomer who has worked for NASA; who brought his planetarium into school. As part of our science work we also made the moon phases out of Oreo biscuits! Well done Year Five for an action packed half term with lots of learning taking place! 


Below are some pictures of our classroom environment to give you a taster of what we get up to in Year Five!

At the end of Autumn Term we held our very own marriage ceremony to show all that we had learnt about the sacrament of marriage. This included a ceremony which Year Six came to join us for. Our priests worked very hard to create the service, choosing hymns, vows and Bible verses to make it complete. The ceremony was followed by a party, including the first dance! All of Year Five contributed well and it was a fantastic way to end a busy term!

Here are a few pictures to give a snapshot of the day.


Friday 16th November


This week, Year Five marked Parliament Week by learning all about the Suffragette movement. They were amazed to discover just how different life was for women one hundred years ago!

In response to this, they wrote some beautiful reflections about what they they had found out.

Here are some pictures showing a snapshot of their hard work!


Monday 19th November

This Half Term we will also be communicating with our Author penpal, Eloise Williams. We enjoyed receiving her postcards and she was even kind enough to send us our very own signed copy of her latest book! We will be sending her postcards related to our local history as well as telling her about the books that we are currently reading. Watch this space for updates!